How I Saved $6 today

How I Saved

Count up the change folks, I saved a whopping $6.30 today.

How did I do that? By mailing in my tennis club membership application instead of using the online sign up form. Their online signup is a new thing for them, and since they’re a community-based tennis club, they pass along the 4.5% charge the credit card companies charge them to the members. And that’s fine, normally I wouldn’t mind paying the extra $6.30 for the convenience. However since I know that they only just opened membership for the new season this week, I’m not concerned about not getting in (they cap membership to ensure everyone gets a shot at playing on the courts every day.)Save mondy

Before you get all up in my face about the fact that I signed up for a tennis club, and you think that means I’ve got money to burn right now, let me stop you right now. My tennis club is a community-based one that rents courts from the city. Sure, we’ve got a club house, but that’s because the club is over 100 years old, so they had time to save up their pennies to build it. And considering I live in Toronto, where normally a tennis club membership would run me several hundred dollars per year PLUS an initiation fee that could run me in the thousands, this club is great. The grand total for essentially 6 months of playing time on reserved courts is $140. Yep, that’s it, $140. They even provide us with tennis balls so I don’t even have to buy any of those to play. Woo ha.

Right now I’m shopping for a new pair of tennis shoes because I want to play a little more seriously this year (read: more than once every week or so), and while they’re still in good shape, they’re low-end shoes that were starting to make my feet a little sore after about an hour of playing time. (Note: a good pair of tennis shoes will run you over $100, with super high-end ones costing over $200). So this year I’m going to shop around at a few shops and see if I can find a pair that I like that won’t cost me more than $100, give or take $1o. I think I might even search online too, as I know there are a few US-based tennis sites that have good deals, but I’d have to be able to try on the shoe here in town in order to know which one would be good for me. But at any rate it’s nice to have the option to do that.

So there you have it, how I saved $6.30 today. Did you save any money today? How?

Update: It turns out I’ll actually be saving $13.30, as they’re also charging $7 worth of tax if I use the online credit card payment. Boo yah.

How I Saved $6 today

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