When Temptation Is Right In Your Face

Month Budget

It’s happened to all of us: you pass right in front of a store just when your wallet is empty, and you’ve exhausted that week/month’s budget. There is that THING, the THING that you want, that you think you need.

But you must resist temptation. RESIST, I say!

I am now faced with this type of temptation every night as I drive home from work. My route takes me right-past-the, wait for it, Danier Leather Factory Outlet. I have long since had a weakness for leather-based goods, be it a coat, a jacket, gloves, wallet, or purse, it doesn’t matter. And Danier always has some really nice things. I see the sign blinking at me as I drive past in the evening: “All jackets $99, Purses 50% off”…off and on, off and on.

Thankfully the store is on the opposite side of the street from the direction I’m travelling, and with all the rush hour traffic, there’s just no way I could turn left into their parking lot. But I continue to drive on past, not even looking at the store as I go by….every-single-bloody-day.

When Temptation Is Right In Your Face

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